Taylor Swift loves kissing her friends

Taylor Swift sure has a lot of friends. Just between us, I don’t think I know who everyone is in the bad blood video, (I don’t know, a model, is my usual answer). But what we do know is that Taylor loves to give a cheek kiss of friendship.

It is something special to be gifted, something of a reverse Godfather kiss. 

Whether you want it or not.

Sometimes her friends aren’t even human.

But you know you’ve made it when you are the receiver of a kiss. 

Perhaps she thinks they are frogs, ready for changing?

This one isn’t genuine, her eyes are open. 

It is starting to feel a bit like showing off now Taylor.

Nobody has that many friends, just waiting around for kisses do they?

I get the feeling this award is more than just a friend, it is getting a special kiss

Some people are just too short to kiss, too bad Lena