Leonardo DiCaprio Loves Sitting – Part II

Part I of Leo loves sitting was all about how much Leo loves to sit and be dramatic in the movies. Part II is about how much he likes to sit and think about things in real life too.

Sometimes he sits and thinks about how much he wants an (e-)cigarette, just like Don Draper.

Sometimes he does some serious black and white mens magazine manly photoshoot posing.

Sometimes he sits like Johnathan Dimbleby ready to make politicians answer some questions with a stern glare and a pointed finger. 


Other times he looks ready to sell some ridiculously over priced shoes (if he was wearing any of course).

Also shoeless, he sits and plans out how he is going to build that time machine.


After that he can complete the invention of said time machine.


Then he can sit in relaxation knowing he has a time machine that no one else knows about. 


He sometimes sits like Bella Hadid, not how a lady should sit. 

Then there is this, make of it what you will.