Kevin Costner loves Scarves

Kevin Costner may be the all time king of sports movies, but if there is one thing he loves more than baseball, it is a scarf.

Whether in the movies or in real life if there is any occasion for a scarf to be worn, he will find it.

Just like everybody else, he wears a scarf when he is cold and a coffee and gloves just won’t do. 

He wears a scarf when he needs to accessorizes some formal wear. 

He can wear a scarf like all three of the Harry Potter trio. 

He can wear a scarf to make smart casual really work.

He can try to out scarf Jared Leto. Try anyway, dude loves knitwear accessories, see here

He wears a scarf cowboy style

Robin Hood wears a uncharacteristic pink and purple number. 

Even his Elvis gets in on the scarf action.

He keeps his scarf on when he has nothing else left. 

He wears a scarf to blend in as a business man just out walking his dog, nothing to do with the secret service honest.

He even gets a scarf when he plays a merman.

He is a scarf wearing, coffee drinking revenge seeking bad ass.

An innocent looking scarf cowboy.

An old enough to be you dad scarf wearer.