John Boyega loves wearing nice suits and always looks like he is having fun

I think I would like to be friends with John Boyega. He always looks like he is having a great time, whatever the occasion and whoever he is with. He also picks nice suits to wear to premieres and always looks smart. 

He might be sharing a joke with Daisy Ridley

Entertaining Star Wars fans

Keeping it casual in leather jacket and jeans at the Independent Spirit Awards

Giving BB-8 a tickle on his robo chin

Making Kathryn Bigelow laugh (check out that pocket square too)

Telling a funny story at the Olivier Awards

Looking dapper in an all black double breasted number

Working the turtle neck suit combo like a boss

Hanging out with his BFF, collecting awards

Striking a pose and getting dramatic

Bringing his whole family to the Star Wars premiere because he can

Looking dreamily at the Bafta he has just won

Snapping selfies with smiles

Cracking jokes at photoshoots

Making more jokes with Daisy Ridley

Generally looking sharp and having a good time