Hailee Steinfeld loves a surprise party, even if it isn’t much of a surprise

Hailee Steinfeld had her 21st birthday so she had a big birthday party to celebrate, apparently it was a surprise party. But is it really a surprise when you have multiple paid sponsors and wearing a matching outfit your cardboard cutouts also attending the party?

Having a cardboard cutout and getting people to write congratulatory messages on it? That’s a ego boost, Is every birthday party I have ever been to missing out, I think so? Unless everyone is paid to be your friend then it will be full of ‘have a great day!’ messages

When you get cakes with your face on, and you get to make a pun with the cake shops name on Instagram, you had better be collecting a cheque.

And when you are 21 you get to drink tequila straight from the miniature with a straw, and it might be expensive Casamigos , but a 21st birthday is probably the only time you drink tequila from the bottle with a straw. 

Food, drink and even transport all provided for a couple of tiny #ad, I just don’t think in any way is this a surprise.

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