Destiny’s Child Love Denim

We all know that the ultimate couples denim combo was Justin and Britney but take a look back at the brief window of time, when Destiny’s Child ruled the denim coordinates, specifically from 1999 to 2004.

Yes I know group denim also means B*witched but the sheer number of different denim combos that Destiny’s Child managed to wear and over a longer period of time means that DC rule.

There is denim with underwear. Destiny’s Child are often as colour coded as Power Rangers, or triplets with parents that make their kids wear matching outfits but in different colours.

Denim in winter (Michelle lost her Ugg boots in a game of poker to a tramp, had to wear her sandals instead)

Denim in pink coords

Denim with a hint of Minion

Denim with a trip hazard

Denim at the beach

Denim with a baby Scarlet Johansson

Denim without a baby Scarlet Johansson (but are ready if she wants to come back)

Denim with a Frisbee for a hat

Denim for those old enough to know better. 

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