Celebrity Prison Tattoos Vol 2

I thought it was about time we revisited some of the terrible, not particularly well thought out art that celebrities have permanently attached to their bodies. Vol 1 here

Paris Jackson has a lot of music based tattoos, animals and irrelevant pop culture tributes. She earns her entry into the club with a lip tattoo. 

Brooklyn Beckham shows us the dangers of getting loads of tattoos of stuff you like within a year when you are 18. I like taking pictures and travelling. 

Fred Durst shows us Elvis Presley and Kurt Cobain together on his chest as well as in heaven. 

Miley Cyrus has at least 36 tattoos and every single tiny drawn with a biro one looks like it could giver her hepatitis. 

Hayley Williams has a few tattoos (maybe a few tribute ones she needs to get lasered) but shave me and a pink razor is pretty terrible. 

Tyler Posey has a lot of very 2010s tattoos and he is happy to trot round in his pants showing them off. One day these tats will be like barbed wire or celtic bands, dated and regrettable. 

Halsey loves a matching tattoo, friends, family, fans. She doesn’t mind with who, but she has made her Romeo & Juliet phase permanent. 

Adam Levine has had a lot more tattoo since we last checked. What really gets me is that he thinks he is hot stuff. Nah mate. The worse of the lot being this flying mermaid who is cross eyed and has a terribly drawn face. If he could see it himself he wouldn’t be so cocky.