Celebrities love the undercut of rebellion

Previously we have talked about the short hair rebellion, but I have only just noticed another hair rebellion, the undercut. You know, if she is sassy and independent and doesn’t care what you think about her, she is bound to have had an undercut in the past couple of years…


Miley Cyrus is the classic example, getting rid of the hair extensions and adding an undercut, wearing a lot of swimming costumes on stage and sticking her tongue out. Nothing says I am rebel now like Miley Cyrus with an undercut. 

Ellie Gouldings undercut is what happens when you do boxercise and play guitar but your songs are still super popular on radio 2, you have to add an undercut to show you are still hip.

Demi Lovato is another Disney kid gone rebel. When you are off the pills and the X-Factor, what way can you show you are expressing your rebellious nature? You have the coloured hair and the leather jacket, go for the undercut.

Avril Lavigne showing she is still down with the kids, she has an undercut and total knows how to use an  iPad.

Scarlett Johanssons undercut is what you do when you get divorced for the second time and the short hair rebellion just isn’t enough anymore. 

Natalie Domer has an undercut  because it meant she got the role in The Hunger Games.

Rihanna ditched the umbrella, then cut her hair like she just didn’t care. Such sass.  

Tilida Swinton has an undercut because it is no big deal.

Katy Perry has an undercut because the short hair rebellion isn’t working too well.