Celebrities love holding stuff (especially animals)

The internet can be a wonderful place, here is a small collection of strange photos of celebrities holding things that I think you should see and appreciate.

Here is an old picture of The Rock holding a rock, like some sort of never ending time loop. Is he holding his baby? Is this the stone from which The Rock is carved? Is this an audition for The Flintstones? Who really knows but we should just sit back and spend 10 seconds to enjoy this photo.

Beyonce is being the independent, brave, sassy woman we need her to be. The last time I had my face that close to poultry giving me the side eye that hard, it tried to peck my face off. But Bey is not scared one bit. 

This is Sylvester Stallone holding himself and at the same time he is preparing to put his poking finger somewhere. 


A sad faced Vin Diesel doing a topless photoshoot with a skateboard. This makes me feel sad.  His face looks like he is remembering that time when that duck bit him on the ear in The Pacifier. Can Vin even skate? Does anyone wear shorts with Timberland boots that doesn’t work on a construction site?

If only someone would look at me the way Harry Potter looks at a Ferrero Rocher. 

John Cena and a baby goat, in black and white for added seriousness. That is all. 

I pat you on the head Wolfboy, there there.