Celebrities love hiding their curly hair

Have you noticed how many celebs nowadays are getting rid of their curly hair? But I say it is time to embrace the curl and put down the straighteners, stop hiding the ringlets with keratin and get back to the roots.

Top of the list is Justin Timberlake, first he shaved his head, then he wore a hat and now he just pretends that his N’Sync hair never happened.

Pre-Tom Cruise Kidman was all about the ginger waves, but now she is basically blonde and hasn’t seen any waves since the last time she went to the beach. 

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has hair like he plays bass in a 90s grunge band, but somebody blow dried his barnet for this one. Not sure about the beard however. 

Shakira might think she is a princess wearing a tiara and maybe she is but she has ditched her curls, lets hope she picks up some wavy hair serum next time she is in Boots picking up some whitening toothpaste.

I like to think of Henry Cavill as an evolved Hobbit, like one that can bench press 300lbs, and this straight hair is just not right on him. 


Not very straight but he has had some mini GHDs at work here. Have you noticed that if Bradley Cooper had straight hair then he would be rocking a power mullet, instead of that handsome hobo think he has going for him?

Taylor Swift has ditched the curly hair and the country music, it has made her look much older and surprisingly less like a cat. 

This Jonas Bro is the Nick one. He sure loves the camera, it is like his eyes follow you around the room. Recently however his hair has been chemically enhanced for sure.