Celebrities Love Big Cat Tattoos

Have you noticed the increase in lion and tiger tattoos recently? I mean lions have always been reasonably popular but lately if you aren’t getting a giant face of a cat  somewhere on your body you just aren’t worthy.

Demi Lovato is the latest addition to the lion tat club, why exactly she is smelling it however I beyond me. 

Liam Payne was seriously lagging behind the rest of his 1D compatriots in terms of number of prison tattoos, but it would appear that Cheryl has sorted him out a treat, he has loads now and is another person with a hand lion. 

Cara Delevingne is another paid up member of the exclusive hand lion tattoo, only hers has shrunk in the wash. 

Looking at how many of Lewis Hamiltons tattoos are religious I think his lion is actually Aslan.  

Rumer Willis also has a lion tattoo and its eyes follow me around the room. 

It might be wearing a blindfold in this photo but early 2000s sensation Mena Suvari has a lion tattoo and a random collection of words underneath it. 

Christina Ricci has a rare cartoon lion tattoo, at least I think it is a lion, it might be Cher.

Robbie Williams had celebrity prison tattoos before they were in fashion. His lion looks angry, probably because it looks like I drew it. 

Justin Bieber is the fulcrum of the lion/tiger tattoo club, because he has both. His lion is wearing crown at a jaunty angle. 

Biebers tiger looks like it is saying ‘whaaattt?’

Conor McGregor has a tiger on his belly and a gorilla eating something nondescript on his chest. 

Ariel Winter has a small and rather forgettable tiger tattoo, at least it is symmetrical.

Angelina Jolie had a Thai tiger tattoo to cover her teen rebellion tramp stamps. 

Adam Levine thinks he is so cool. He is not. As evidenced by his tiger tattoo.