Celebrities love an alternative to a man bun hairstyle

There may still be a whole host of manbuns at work in Hollywood but a few guys are out there  trying different hairstyles and trying to make it their own.

Of course Jared Leto has done the man bun already and has moved on to the plait. I bet Jesus never had that haircut.

No wonder Keith Urban hugs his guitar like it is his only true friend, he is rocking those curtains like it is still 1996.

Like a Jedi with rubbish powers, Shia Labeouf has a Padawan braid, but given that this rat tail is a clip on and he has teamed it an undercut, I think he is going for a viking hairstyle. 

No millennial man bun for Antonio Banderas, he had a full on pony tail.

Snoop Dog must be the guy to consistently wear pigtails with decorative hairbands and nobody says anything. 

Justin Bieber tried out dreads and a nose piercing, that was until the internet told him in no uncertain terms: no.

Seriously just google Riff Raff, this is one of his toned down, but still unique hairstyles. 

Colin Farrell is the fulcrum of two super popular haircuts, the man bun and the undercut converging to make one giant super hairstyle, the underbun. 

True Detective director Cary Fukunaga has an impressive pair of over the shoulder pigtail plaits.

Elden Henson has so much braidwork going on in his hair, it looks like he is auditioning for Frozen 2.