Bella Thorne Loves to Kiss (when someone is watching)

Bella Thorne, still not exactly sure what she does, occasionally acts but mainly dyes her hair, wears a bikini and has lots of social media followers, but one thing I can tell she loves is getting her photo taken. Paparazzi, friends, selfies, random strangers who happen to be in the vicinity. If there is a camera nearby she is ready for a picture and if she gets to kiss (someone or something) then you will guarantee be looking at her.

I’ve excluded any picture where she sticks her tongue out, check out her instagram, she does that a lot too.

The classic he loves me but I love the camera pose

Check out my bad girl tongue, I secretly like earwax but people think I’m being salacious

She will kiss a dirty old gate if you have a camera, never mind the tetanus risk.

She kisses girls for Snapchat followers

She kisses frogs, look how unprepared poor Kermit is. Blindsided.

The you kiss me, I’ll cover your face so no one can see you  

I don’t know what Bella Thorne has in her mouth here, but she has probably had her tongue round worse.

Bella your tongue is like a dirty wet slug. This is the way my dog gives kisses

She kisses her new book, available now, it’s only £2.15 in hardback

Like sweeps week, Bella isn’t afraid of a little girl on girl action to boost the ratings now and then.

She will kiss a whole box of Cocoa Pebbles if you have a camera

Will kiss girls for likes

Will kiss self for money

It’s my birthday and make sure I’m centre frame

She kisses a pizza real good, who cares if the cheese burns her tongue.