Bella Hadid is an uncomfortable sitter – part II

Bella Hadid does a serious amount of sitting down see here, please, go check her Instagram, I’ll wait.

Just take a look how often she sits down in comparison to any other celeb instagram account, it is a lot and she doesn’t really sit like a regular person either. She is always doing something weird with her legs. You are totally aware that she is posing (probably selling something).

We have looked at this before, but seriously the amount she sit down in a week, I’m surprised she gets anywhere at all.

Here she is riding a space hopper with no hands, what a show off!

She is looking pretty uncomfortable here, but you would too, if you had to kiss your dads snake.

We have finally found what makes Bella smile, fart jokes.

What happens when you have magnets in your shoes and you take a five minute break next to a lamp post? It is like  that scene from Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.

This one does lend itself to another fart joke, but I kept it classy. She must be a Sonic The Hedgehog fan, because she is doing a fine Tails impression, ready to run off and collect some gold rings. 

When you want to play twister and nobody else does, you have to go solo and show everyone how flexible you are.

When you promise two friendly tortoises a sip of iced coffee if they transport you down the hill. (Also that is a thumb on the lense, take it again please).bella hadid