Ansel Elgort loves wearing someone else’s clothes

I have noticed two things about Ansel Elgort 1) he frequently looks like he knows a secret, maybe this secret is about you, maybe it is about the number of Curly Wurlys he currently has stuffed down his trousers, who knows? 2) he wears weird outfits often as if they belong to other people altogether.

Here he has stolen Paddington Bears duffle coat. 

This outfit is so odd, I don’t understand why he looks so smug. The short trousers, the long safari jacket, who knows where he found this.

That jacket is too small. Fact. 

Suits with shorts, you may think you are going to be like Pharrell Williams but you just look like that creepy man child from ACDC. 

If it wasn’t for the gloves I would have gone with Green Day but this look is Billy Idol.

Of course he wants to be like Bond. 

Do snapbacks and anoraks go together? Probably not. He should know better. 

Camo suits? Only if you’re from Duck Dynasty.

When your top half is Chris Brown and your bottom half is Chris Pratt, you have the right to look confused.