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Weekly Roundup – 06 Jun 17

I guess Victoria Beckham is really looking forward to the Justice League movie, she is such an Aquaman fan (or she likes carrots). Heidi Klum must have a big tax bill to be promoting #lidlfashionweek. This isn’t on Heidis personal Instagram account, I checked.  Janelle Monae

Weekly Roundup – 27 May 17

There is nothing that Will Smith could have possibly said that could be that funny. Jessica Chastain you are overdoing it just a bit. Anyone else think Sophia Bush looks like a Stormtrooper that has just taken their helmet off? Gal Gadot fixing another Wonder

Weekly Roundup – 19 May 17

Oh look, another day another photo of Bella Hadid sitting, (she really shouldn’t skip leg day if she is that tired just from standing). But anyway the posing is perfect for riding a flamingo don’t you think? That is what you call squad goals, synchroniz]sed

Weekly Roundup – 07 May 17

  I know I have gone on a lot lately about Chris Pratts obvious use of the ‘you’ve caught me doing up my buttons’ pose but the reason why he does it becomes obvious when you see Billy Crudups rather awkward pose on the Alien

Weekly Roundup – 23 Apr 17

Another round of premieres for a movie staring Chris Pratt means another collection of photos of Chris Pratt looking uncomfortable and not knowing what to do with his hands.  But he has a new pose in addition to the ‘doing up my button’ pose … He

Weekly Roundup – 15 Apr 17

The cropped haircut, the vicar hands, the colour co-ordinated trouser suit. I don’t think it is my imagination, I think Gemma Arterton is deliberately imitating Julie Andrews.    Who wants to tell Carrie Underwood she has her trousers on backwards?   Pixie Lott is tired of

Weekly Roundup – 04 Apr 17

The villain to be featured in Spider-Man Homecoming is Vulture, while I appreciate that they are going for that furry ruff  thing from his costume, really it looks like Vin Diesel has seriously let himself go, hasn’t been to the gym for a year and

Weekly Roundup – 27 Mar 17

Has Cara Delevingne been hanging around Karl Lagerfeld for too long? Yes. Personally I think 30 minutes would be long enough with Lagerfeld I imagine he smells of cats, ashtrays and the Imperial War Museum.    Rebecca Ferguson has got a wedding to officiate later, so

Weekly Roundup – 14 Mar 17

So this scruffy fella who reminds me of a perfect mix of Harry Potter and Angelos Epithemiou, is another Hadid – Anwar, here dressed head to toe in Derelicte. Fashion inspired by Star Wars found here. It is a bit of a stretch to say the

Weekly Roundup – 03 Mar 17

Alicia Keys doing some interpretive Beetlejuice outfit styling.    Now Orlando Bloom is back in the market for a rich wife, he is back trawling the beaches of Malibu to hook a wealthy bird. He is sucking in that belly and working that sand like