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Weekly Roundup – 06 Aug 17

Matthew Mcconaughey looks like he just thought of a really funny knock knock joke but doesn’t want to share it yet, whereas Idris Elba looks like his last lesson at school was PE so he just put his blazer on and ran home in his

Weekly Roundup – 30 Jul 17

This photo from Comic-Con 2017 left me as confused as Ben Affleck looks. What a strange outfit Ezra Miller is wearing, just a hat and cape, no shirt? That is a bit extreme? It can’t be that warm in hall H can it? Okay, so

Weekly Roundup – 18 Jul 17

I know everyone has the right to not smile if they don’t feel like it, but Kit Harington looks like somebody just kicked his puppy. Think I’ve worked out why though, someone has pinched all his shoes and socks and he has been forced to

Weekly Roundup – 11 Jul 17

It has been a slow couple of weeks, but here are a few stories gathered together for your viewing pleasure. You know you have made it when you get Batman to make sure nobody stands on your dress.  You may have seen this photo on

Weekly Roundup – 29 Jun 17

Have you ever wondered what Sandy from Grease would have looked like if she had have gone a bit OTT with becoming a pink lady for the makeover outfit? Take a look at Gigi Hadid.   Karen Gillan looks so lost and confused, probably because

Weekly Roundup – 16 Jun 17

So this week it was the premiere of that rubbish looking movie Rough Night, about a bachelorette party that accidentally kills a stripper, comedy ensues. Yes apparently a dead stripper = funny. But anyway I thought that I should point out this smiling girl in

Weekly Roundup – 06 Jun 17

I guess Victoria Beckham is really looking forward to the Justice League movie, she is such an Aquaman fan (or she likes carrots). Heidi Klum must have a big tax bill to be promoting #lidlfashionweek. This isn’t on Heidis personal Instagram account, I checked.  Janelle Monae

Weekly Roundup – 27 May 17

There is nothing that Will Smith could have possibly said that could be that funny. Jessica Chastain you are overdoing it just a bit. Anyone else think Sophia Bush looks like a Stormtrooper that has just taken their helmet off? Gal Gadot fixing another Wonder

Weekly Roundup – 19 May 17

Oh look, another day another photo of Bella Hadid sitting, (she really shouldn’t skip leg day if she is that tired just from standing). But anyway the posing is perfect for riding a flamingo don’t you think? That is what you call squad goals, synchroniz]sed

Weekly Roundup – 07 May 17

  I know I have gone on a lot lately about Chris Pratts obvious use of the ‘you’ve caught me doing up my buttons’ pose but the reason why he does it becomes obvious when you see Billy Crudups rather awkward pose on the Alien