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Weekly Roundup – 16 Oct 17

  Chrissy Teigens face is telling me that these carwash fox tail sleeves looked  good on the hanger but in real life, she has regrets … but Cosmo thinks it is so damn hot. Have you seen ‘Bella Hadid goes sneaker shopping’? Here. Oh boy,

Weekly Roundup – 04 Oct 17

2nd Gen Day Lewis,  (famous for being son of Daniel), here he is showing off a very grown up blend of tattoos and chest hair, but really he is doing his best Sickboy impression. Jared Leto is showing off another thing he can do, that

Weekly Roundup – 26 Sep 17

See Margot Robbies face of regret? The face that says ‘ yep should have washed my hair and not relied on the dry shampoo.’ If  only Jesus knew about snapchat like Jared Leto he might still be alive today. Do you ever think what if

Weekly Roundup – 16 Sep 17

I think we now know who has been watching all those episodes of Star Trek Voyager on Netflix, it is Big Sean. That or he is really, really looking forward to Star Trek Discovery.   Usher looks frighten and confused, Blake Shelton just looks huge.  You

Weekly Roundup – 07 Sep 17

Can we get this sorted? A man wearing a polo neck doesn’t make him genderfluid, he is probably just European. Even if the colours do match Taylor Swifts 2016 Grammy outfit, a man wearing pink isn’t genderfluid.   Take a look at everyone applauding JLaw acting

Weekly Roundup – 29 Aug 17

Have you noticed it is becoming more difficult to tell the difference between  John Goodman and Russell Crowe? They both look like a Granddad that keeps all the Haribo to himself. Kerry Katona has had a lot of time on her hands since leaving Atomic

Weekly Roundup – 12 Aug 17

What can I say August 2017 has been slow going for stories that you might find amusing. This weeks roundup features a lot of people making poor choices. Ariel Winter wonders why her dog doesn’t care that she is twerking, er … it’s a dog

Weekly Roundup – 06 Aug 17

Matthew Mcconaughey looks like he just thought of a really funny knock knock joke but doesn’t want to share it yet, whereas Idris Elba looks like his last lesson at school was PE so he just put his blazer on and ran home in his

Weekly Roundup – 30 Jul 17

This photo from Comic-Con 2017 left me as confused as Ben Affleck looks. What a strange outfit Ezra Miller is wearing, just a hat and cape, no shirt? That is a bit extreme? It can’t be that warm in hall H can it? Okay, so

Weekly Roundup – 18 Jul 17

I know everyone has the right to not smile if they don’t feel like it, but Kit Harington looks like somebody just kicked his puppy. Think I’ve worked out why though, someone has pinched all his shoes and socks and he has been forced to