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Top 10 Man Buns

Man Buns are everywhere in Hollywood, if you haven’t got one are you even relevant?  Kit Harrington wears the man bun of contractual obligation Bradley Cooper, bit of a weak one really, more of a top knot you give to a dog to keep its

Top 10 – Fake Teeth in the movies

Sometime a  set of teeth can make all the difference in making a character truly come to life, a lot of the time a set of teeth is teamed with a wig and some strange eyebrows, but it is the teeth that usually grab your

Top 10 Wetsuits in the Movies

Wetsuits in the movies can be pretty gratuitous, so for this list I have tried to avoid movies where characters could justifiably be wearing a wetsuit,  you know like surfing or fighting sharks.  This top 10 features people who are just in wetsuits for purposes

Top 10 Splits in the movies

There are only two reasons to do the splits in the movies, dancing or fighting. Here is a top 10 list of different splits found in the movies. 10) The Karate Kid –  Jaden Smith might be a bit of a brat, but give the

Top 10 Overused movie clichés that need to stop

Cathartic showers – we have previously talked about how showers are used in the movies here. But there has to be more to having a bad day than washing away all your troubles.    Pregnancy puking – you always know when someone is with child

Top 10 people who can fly

Inspired by Lady Gaga and her ability to strike a series of amazing poses while flying, I thought we’d take a look at some other people who know how to fly and showboat while doing so.   Rose from Titanic – ‘I’m flying Jack’ … well

Top 10 Fake Smiles

10) Kate Middleton – her house motto is fake it till you make it, now she is a proper princess, she just fake smiles and thinks of all the future hats she gets to wear.    9) Emma Roberts – she might be showing a

Top 10 grandad t-shirts

The grandad t-shirt sure is one item of clothing that lets us know a persons character without them even opening their mouth. It is a t-shirt that tells the audience that the person is working class and will do physical labour for a living, and

Top 10 Best at being Alone in the Movies

This list is all about how long people spend on their own in the movies; from fewest to longest amount of time. Rather than movies about loneliness like Amelie and Her. Actual isolation from everybody. This is due to Passengers, Chris Pratts character may have

Top 10 Vest Wearers

The vest wearer, an iconic look for an action star. Sometimes all it takes is one movie (or one vest) to make an icon, other times the vest becomes so linked to a character there is no other costume available for them to consider wearing.