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The Many Faces Of Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford looks angry all the time in the movies, that is his go-to face. Apart from  a handful of classics, Harrison Ford has been in some right old tripe, maybe that is why he is so mad at everything? The late 90s to 2000s

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The Many Faces Of Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges has been in a lot of movies, like Samuel L Jackson level numbers, but he has been around since the 1970s so he has time for a significant back catalogue. There are two distinct stages in his career, the handsome rebel, sometimes a

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The Many Faces of Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler only two faces to work with, but he uses them often, despite appearing in action movies and romcoms in equal numbers, he manages to add these faces to both genres. First off, there is this weird pout thing he does, which is somewhere

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The Many Faces Of Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is one of the best actresses working today (not the other one from Destinys Child who isn’t Kelly or Beyonce). She is fantastic in every role she picks, the problem is she doesn’t pick many roles. If she was in more than 4

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The Many Faces Of Jai Courtney

We’ll start with the obvious, who exactly is Jai Courtney? He is one of those actors that has been in stuff, but you can’t really remember his name or what that movie was. Easily confused with these other two fellas in a grey suit who

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The Many Faces Of Christoph Waltz

We all know that Christoph Waltz always plays a bad guy but have you noticed he is a bit of a one trick pony, whether he is wearing a hat (sometimes) or has a beard (frequently) and his character is (nearly always) verbose, he always

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The Many Faces Of Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes has many faces, he can work the complete spectrum from a good guy to really evil and every morally ambiguous dude having an affair in between. He has a few faces that he uses on a regular basis – sometimes for good and

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The Many Faces Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

While the usual face of Arnie is like the blank void of outer space, his go-to face is the scowl. It is what he usually relies on when he can not shoot something or make a pun. But we aren’t here to talk about the

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The Many Faces of Tom Hardy

If there is one person who has many faces it is Tom Hardy.  His characters are often a sad, lonely guy who mumbles. And yes I know what you are thinking, yeah sometimes he is fat and sometimes he is thin not as fat. But

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The Many Faces Of Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has two very tried and trusted … well they aren’t exactly faces and they definitely aren’t acting techniques, they are more like reliable Ryan Reynolds tropes. We have 1) he knows how to handle a gun and 2) he knows how to take