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The Many Faces of Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is a bit of a rarity, it isn’t that he has any particular shortcuts that he uses in his acting it is that he often has themes to his movies. Take for instance, sports. Yes Kevin Costner has been in more baseball movies

The Many Faces of Viola Davis

Viola Davis may be a Julliard trained actress and only a Grammy away from getting the full EGOT, but even she has a few trusty favourite faces she likes to work with. Yes it is sometimes due to the sheer number of authority figure roles

Leonardo DiCaprio Loves Sitting – Part I

Previously we have talked about how the characters that Leo plays in the movies often live tragic lives and have tragic endings, see here. But have you noticed just how often Leo makes a dramatic scene, monologue or  otherwise important revelation while sat down? Whether

The Many Faces Of Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver may have dug herself something of a niche, with a reputation for appearing in sci-fi – thanks Alien franchise, she now collects a paycheck for making cameo roles or even a voice-over or two in sci-fi or sci-fi(ish) movies, Wall-e, Cabin In The

The Hard Working Facial Hair Of Ben Affleck

Now Ben Affleck may often act with his mouth hanging open and is generally more respected for his directing rather than his acting but have you noticed that Ben Affleck is not afraid to to dabble in a beard now and again, should the role require

The Many Faces (and hats) of Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has had a lot of hairstyles, nearly as many hats as Taylor Swift and a lot of different looks. The lumberjack lesbian The Fresh Prince The suave, the only thing more sultan of swoon is Matt Bomer with two fedoras. The Little Richard

The Many Faces Of Chris Pine

Chris Pine has two looks, for the longest time I thought he had only one look – smug. But it turns out that he has another face in his arsenal – confused. It also happens that he uses this face as much as smug.  Lets take

The Many Faces Of Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford looks angry all the time in the movies, that is his go-to face. Apart from  a handful of classics, Harrison Ford has been in some right old tripe, maybe that is why he is so mad at everything? The late 90s to 2000s

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The Many Faces Of Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges has been in a lot of movies, like Samuel L Jackson level numbers, but he has been around since the 1970s so he has time for a significant back catalogue. There are two distinct stages in his career, the handsome rebel, sometimes a

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The Many Faces of Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler only two faces to work with, but he uses them often, despite appearing in action movies and romcoms in equal numbers, he manages to add these faces to both genres. First off, there is this weird pout thing he does, which is somewhere