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The Many Faces Of Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell has been around for 5 decades, starting out as one of the first Disney kids, and wouldn’t you know Kurt Russell has developed a few recognisable faces over the years, the most common being take a gun to work, the second being facial

The Many Faces Of The Rock

We all know the The Rock (has he stopped trying to make Dwayne Johnson happen?) has at couple of familiar faces in real life. The internet has already mentioned the cuff link pose.  But he is also a very big fan of the angry traps

The Many Faces Of Anna Kendrick

By now we all know that Anna Kendrick loves a tiny handbag when she is on a red carpet, she may be everyones favourite girl next door/celebrity you want to be best friends with but in the movies she has four distinct roles that she plays

The Many Faces Of Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton has a reputation for being that actress that makes weird choices and whether she has picked a mainstream blockbuster or a small arthouse independent film, she is not one to shy away from playing a genderless angel, ageing forty years or being an evil ice queen.

The Many Faces Of Charlize Theron

Over the past two decades Charlize Theron has established herself as a decent actress. Right now she is getting to pick more interesting roles, that just wouldn’t have been offered to her in the late 90s. She is even something of an action hero (thanks Mad Max

The Many Faces of Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks surprisingly has only one face, that of a trusted friend. He is an all round good guy. In whatever form, Tom Hanks is a hero A hero you believe in One you want to follow One who leads in tricky situations One who

The Many Faces of Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is a bit of a rarity, it isn’t that he has any particular shortcuts that he uses in his acting it is that he often has themes to his movies. Take for instance, sports. Yes Kevin Costner has been in more baseball movies

The Many Faces of Viola Davis

Viola Davis may be a Julliard trained actress and only a Grammy away from getting the full EGOT, but even she has a few trusty favourite faces she likes to work with. Yes it is sometimes due to the sheer number of authority figure roles

Leonardo DiCaprio Loves Sitting – Part I

Previously we have talked about how the characters that Leo plays in the movies often live tragic lives and have tragic endings, see here. But have you noticed just how often Leo makes a dramatic scene, monologue or  otherwise important revelation while sat down? Whether

The Many Faces Of Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver may have dug herself something of a niche, with a reputation for appearing in sci-fi – thanks Alien franchise, she now collects a paycheck for making cameo roles or even a voice-over or two in sci-fi or sci-fi(ish) movies, Wall-e, Cabin In The