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Odd Couple – The Mara sister that has trouble smiling and Joaquin Phoenix

Are Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix an Odd Couple or just a couple who are a bit odd? Both are actors to be taken seriously and are from families with a big name. Both are a bit sad looking and have a black wardrobe too.

Odd Couple – one of Adam Sandlers posse and that girl from Glee

Well here is an odd couple for you, so odd that when I heard this I thought it was an April Fool for sure (and I am still not 100% convinced that it isn’t a trick) You don’t frolic in the pool with your dads

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Odd Couple – JLaw and the director of Black Swan

If there could ever be a union described as an Odd Couple this would surely be it. But Jennifer Lawrence has had a previous older man thing and Darren Aronofsky has a thing for being involved with his leading lady so we shouldn’t be too

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Who’s who guide to Mumford & Sons (and why nobody wants to like them)

Mumford & Sons have sold a lot of records, wear a lot of layers and have a lot of names between them, but no one wants to admit that they like them. What is it about them that makes them unlikable? because somebody out there

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Odd Couple – The guy that was from one direction and that model who is mates with Taylor Swift

While far from odd, these too are actually incredibly pretentious. While I am sure they are far from horrible but they just aren’t all that likeable are they?   Clearly they bonded over a love of being a clothes horse. Having fun with equally famous

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Jonas Brothers, Disney and the Taylor Swift connection

Now I still struggle with knowing which Jonas is which. The third one is off the grid, so you can forget about him. Nick is the one that always looks confused and has eyebrows that make him look both a little surprised and possibly  constipated

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Weekly Roundup – 22 June 16

Jared Leto, what are you wearing? Everyone is looking at you like you got dresses in a washing machine.   Apart from these fellas on the front row,  he sure just blends in as one of the guys, at a fashion show. In fact  they

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Odd Couple – Katy Perry and the Scruffy Sailor of Malibu

Since the Golden Globes Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom has been all snugly. And apparently this isn’t rumor, but official ‘meet my mum and eat fish and chips’ true. And why wouldn’t it be? It isn’t like Orlando Bloom has much work on and he

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Odd Couple -Cheryl (French-French for now) Cole and the boring one from 1D

So Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne, on the surface this is a bit of an odd one right? Maybe they bonded over a love of Simon Cowell? Or both feel like the unsung hero of their respective pop group? But as we have already seen

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Odd Couple -a Jonas Brother and Phil Collins daughter

So Lily Collins and Nick Jonas are probably a good match for each other. Both of them are people you recognise but aren’t quite sure what their name is or what you have seen them in. Lily Collins is best known for being the other