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Morgan – review

Morgan is a genetically engineered person/creature/girl who may or may not have no moral compass and be capable to killing people willy nilly, it is Kate Maras job to investigate and find out whats going on. I have no faith in The Black List if

My Blind Brother – review

Nick Kroll always plays second fiddle to his overachieving blind brother (Adam Scott) but when the rivalry between the two is ignited when they realise they both like Jenny Slate. This is a mildly amusing comedy with jokes that hit more than they miss. The

Most Anticipated Movies Of 2017

For this years Most Anticipated Movies list, I have tried to include 10 movies that aren’t all major franchise/blockbusters/remakes. Just to give a little bit more variation from Pirates Of The Caribbean, Transformers and movies staring The Rock. Most anticipated superhero movie – Wonder Woman

Matthew McConaughey Sells Bourbon

Matthew McConaughey wants you to buy this whiskey and Wild Turkey want Matthew McConaughey to sell whiskey so much that they made him ‘creative director’ which means that he gets to have a go at directing a commercial. It is a pretty standard alcohol commercial,

Storks – review

Storks gave up on delivering babies and invested in delivering everything else (basically storks run Amazon) but when (the only human who works with the storks), Tulip accidentally activates the baby factory, she and no.1 delivery stork, Junior must deliver the baby before anyone finds

Weekly Roundup – 16 Dec 16

Last week she was an Everton Mint, this week I am getting Dracula vibes, anyone else see it? (Apart from the sunlight obviously).   The other week we already established that Conor McGregor may not be all that bright because he was unsure about what

Helen Mirren sells beer and cheap yet questionable taxi services

If this commercial looks familiar it is because it the exact same advert used way back in Febuary for the Super Bowl, it has just been released again in December, because apparently people get drunk and drive their cars at Christmas, that’s not cool. But

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Jason Bourne – review

Jason Bourne returns from his retirement hobby of bare knuckle boxing, because Julia Stiles gives him a USB of info about Bourne, other black ops projects and Bournes dad, I think that is about it. Did we really need another Bourne film? Not really. Should

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The disproportionate level of crying in Star Wars

There might be no crying in baseball, but there sure is crying in Star Wars. Not that there is anything wrong the turning on the eye faucet but just think about other movie franchises that span this many movies … hmm 7 movies is quite

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Top 10 Actors with Props

Harrison Ford is tired of taking abuse from that lamp.   I know mobile phones were different back in the 1970s but the fact that Jeff Bridges has managed to get signal from his hand is something else. Shame there is no one to answer