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Are Justin Bieber and Kristen Stewart becoming the same person?

For a while I thought that Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus looked alike, but now I see that it is Bieber and Kristen Stewart are following the same haircuts. Yes he may have a thing for wearing excessive amounts of layers that are really long.

Shower Scenes in the Movies

There are many reasons why people take a shower in the movies and nearly none of them are because they smell. The cathartic shower – you have had a very bad day and need the shower to wash away the pain and the metaphorical (or real) dirt.

Hidden Gem – Monsters

Hidden Gem – A film from the recent past you might have overlooked or didn’t know about, but you should check it out. From 2010, Monsters follows a photojournalist transporting his bosses daughter from mexico, across the boarder back to the US, but there is

Hunt For The Wilderpeople – review

Ricky is a boy who is on his last chance in child services, he gets rehomed in the countryside and after a series of unfortunate events he finds himself in the outback with his cranky foster father and his dog Tupac while a statewide manhunt

The Many Faces Of Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver may have dug herself something of a niche, with a reputation for appearing in sci-fi – thanks Alien franchise, she now collects a paycheck for making cameo roles or even a voice-over or two in sci-fi or sci-fi(ish) movies, Wall-e, Cabin In The

The Hard Working Facial Hair Of Ben Affleck

Now Ben Affleck may often act with his mouth hanging open and is generally more respected for his directing rather than his acting but have you noticed that Ben Affleck is not afraid to to dabble in a beard now and again, should the role require

Top 10 grandad t-shirts

The grandad t-shirt sure is one item of clothing that lets us know a persons character without them even opening their mouth. It is a t-shirt that tells the audience that the person is working class and will do physical labour for a living, and

The Inner Thoughts Of Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid may smile less than Rooney Mara (circa 2011-15) and occasionally look as though she is doing complex equations in her head, and well, maybe she is? A riddle wrapped in an enigma of an expressionless void. On the surface anyway.   Sometimes she

The skybeam of doom in all the movies

Everybody is starting to notice that there is often a big swirly beam of light (usually blue but sometimes green) in the sky in a lot of movies. People are starting to notice and we are getting bored of it. Superhero movies get a lot

Yearly Roundup 2016

This year might have been a good one for the grim reaper but there has also been some other stuff going on you might have missed, but popbabble notices the little things … Anna Kendrick has done so well to hide her contempt of Justin Timberlake,