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Deadpool sells everything he can

Deadpool might be funny and subversive but here he just uses puns and famous people to sell random stuff, sometimes really random stuff. Or even just Deadpool himself. He does have a movie to make you go and watch after all.  There may be physical

The Rock Sells Workout Gear

The Rock might star in more mediocre movies in a year than anyone else and he might be the hardest worker in the room, but if it is one thing he can do better than anything else, it is sell(expensive) workout gear. If The Rock

Chris Pratt Sells Beer

Chris Pratt got really lucky, his dramatic acting isn’t great but with some decent comic timing and a makeover of teen movie proportions, going from ruff to buff – he is now a card carrying movie star.  See more about Pratts transformation here.  He is pretty

Kristen Bells Husband Sells Toilet Paper

So Dax Shepard officially opened the Time Square Restrooms today, with an oversized pair of scissors and everything. Really this is as odd as it sounds, but it is on his instagram and it says #ad, so it isn’t an elaborate joke.  But lets face

Owen Wilson Sells Sofas

  A brand new idea for selling sofas, instead of telling us they are on special offer and delivered before Christmas, get some (as famous as the budget can stretch too) with a reputation for being laid back to sell the sofa by saying it

Celebrities sell their own booze

Have you noticed there has been an increase in celebrities not just endorsing alcohol, but investing in a company that makes it. No one is all that fussy when it comes to which type of alcohol they are selling, wine, whisky, tequila if you can

Mila Kunis Sells Bourbon Again

Now that Mila Kunis is no longer pregnant it is okay for her to be promoting alcohol again. Selling Jim Beam, the Pepsi to Jack Daniels Coke, but last time she was drinking Jim Beam with an ice cube, all grown up and sophisticated like,

Gwen Stefani Sells make up

Not only does Gwen Stefani sell make up, Gwen Stefani loves make up, so her putting her face to a make up brand is nothing new. One of the top searches on related to Gwen Stefani is how she looks so young? It is make

Zac Efron Sells Aftershave

Zac Efron has become the face of Hugo Boss, it used to be Jared Leto, but that was before he had long hair and an Oscar, now he has  gone all top shelf upmarket and sells Gucci. So Efron gets in on the perfume action.

Game Of Thrones actors sell stuff and Maisie Williams loves a charity t-shirt

There has been a lot of promotion for Game Of Thrones recently and you might think isn’t it all a bit late? Any newcomers to a show starting on season seven are going to be a tad confused about what exactly is going on, right?