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Mila Kunis Sells Bourbon Again

Now that Mila Kunis is no longer pregnant it is okay for her to be promoting alcohol again. Selling Jim Beam, the Pepsi to Jack Daniels Coke, but last time she was drinking Jim Beam with an ice cube, all grown up and sophisticated like,

Gwen Stefani Sells make up

Not only does Gwen Stefani sell make up, Gwen Stefani loves make up, so her putting her face to a make up brand is nothing new. One of the top searches on related to Gwen Stefani is how she looks so young? It is make

Zac Efron Sells Aftershave

Zac Efron has become the face of Hugo Boss, it used to be Jared Leto, but that was before he had long hair and an Oscar, now he has  gone all top shelf upmarket and sells Gucci. So Efron gets in on the perfume action.

Game Of Thrones actors sell stuff and Maisie Williams loves a charity t-shirt

There has been a lot of promotion for Game Of Thrones recently and you might think isn’t it all a bit late? Any newcomers to a show starting on season seven are going to be a tad confused about what exactly is going on, right?

Ellie Goulding Sells Water

Ellie Goulding is no stranger to slapping a few photos on Instagram and getting a few extra dollars for it.  In amongst her usual photos about the awareness of climate change, what designer clothing she is wearing and how much she likes boxing, there are

Chris Hemsworth And Diego Luna Sell Clean Oceans And Beer (Sort Of)

Chris Hemsworth and Diego Luna are being heroes by promoting the clean up of oceans. They are selling us the idea of cleaning up plastic bottles on the beach. Which is a good thing.  They also gain a free holiday to an exotic location, go surfing

Wonder Woman Sells Everything Superman Sells, but like for girls

The Wonder Woman promotional machine has well and truly kicked in, there is a lot of, well, stuff with Wonder Woman on it. And while having Wonder Woman sell diet bars is probably a bad idea ( don’t you consider a company called thinkThin has

Kendall Jenner Sells Lipstick

Kendall Jenner may now be infamous for one of the worse commercials to have been produced (but I’m sure kept the paycheck so don’t feel too bad for her) but she also has another ad recently, for lipstick this time , and it isn’t so

Kendall Jenner Sells Fizzy Pop

So the commercial may have been pulled before it even gets to TV but we have seen it, it is too late . And you can’t put the genie back in the bottle now. While this has been widely mocked and ridiculed, it is sure

John Cena sells anything you want, ugly shoes, sandwiches, energy drinks, whatever

John Cena has a distinct look. He always has a smug little smile that says he has managed to totally impress you with his ability to count to five. His obsession with baseball caps, dog tags and jeans is one thing. The colour coded arm