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Celebrities Love Big Cat Tattoos

Have you noticed the increase in lion and tiger tattoos recently? I mean lions have always been reasonably popular but lately if you aren’t getting a giant face of a cat ¬†somewhere on your body you just aren’t worthy. Demi Lovato is the latest addition

Celebrities love swans

We have all noticed the current obsession the giant inflatable swans, okay so sometimes it is a unicorn, but you get the idea, lots of swimwear and attempting to look glamorous while balancing carefully on an uncomfortable plastic bird. While the swan posing on Instagram

Bella Hadid is an uncomfortable sitter – part II

Bella Hadid does a serious amount of sitting down see here, please, go check her Instagram, I’ll wait. Just take a look how often she sits down in comparison to any other celeb instagram account, it is a lot and she doesn’t really sit like

Ansel Elgort loves wearing someone else’s clothes

I have noticed two things about Ansel Elgort 1) he frequently looks like he knows a secret, maybe this secret is about you, maybe it is about the number of Curly Wurlys he currently has stuffed down his trousers, who knows? 2) he wears weird

Jennifer Lawrence loves posing with animals for photoshoots

Jennifer Lawrence has been photographed for magazines since 2010 and a whole load of those photos she is hanging out with a pet or two. This is a really high numbers of animals to be working with, compared to other people. I think the animals

Kevin Costner loves Scarves

Kevin Costner may be the all time king of sports movies, but if there is one thing he loves more than baseball, it is a scarf. Whether in the movies or in real life if there is any occasion for a scarf to be worn,

Celebrities love holding stuff (especially animals)

The internet can be a wonderful place, here is a small collection of strange photos of celebrities holding things that I think you should see and appreciate. Here is an old picture of The Rock holding a rock, like some sort of never ending time

Celebrities love hiding their curly hair

Have you noticed how many celebs nowadays are getting rid of their curly hair? But I say it is time to embrace the curl and put down the straighteners, stop hiding the ringlets with keratin and get back to the roots. Top of the list

Leonardo DiCaprio Loves Sitting – Part II

Part I of Leo loves sitting was all about how much Leo loves to sit and be dramatic in the movies. Part II is about how much he likes to sit and think about things in real life too. Sometimes he sits and thinks about

Jason Momoa loves the hang loose dude pose

Jason Momoa uses the surfer dude hand sign a lot, like every photo opportunity, instead of pretending to do up his button or straighten his tie, he breaks out the I’m so cool, I’m a free spirit, I don’t wear no suit and tie pose.