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Young Arnie loves a muscle pose

Back when Arnold Schwarzenegger was just a fresh faced gym bunny with a funny accent and a lot of ambition, he had one thing to sell – his muscles and the best way to sell muscles is posing. Much like The Hoff loves the centerfold

Joe Jonas loves his fan

  Joe Jonas has given modelling a go and while I think the eye is supposed to drawn to his package, I think the biggest distraction is how much he loves that desk fan. He carries it with him, all the time, even when he

Taylor Swift loves kissing her friends

Taylor Swift sure has a lot of friends. Just between us, I don’t think I know who everyone is in the bad blood video, (I don’t know, a model, is my usual answer). But what we do know is that Taylor loves to give a

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Sylvester Stallone loves punching people

  Much like David Hasselhoff who loves the the finger guns pose, Sylvester Stallone loves a pretend punch. He was been working the fake punch since the 70s and is still happily using the pose on the red carpet. Here is Jason Momoa really getting

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Actors love wearing earrings

Even though Harrison Ford has been wearing his single earring for at least a decade, I still get a shock and a frightening thought ‘what would I do if my granddad suddenly started wearing an earring?’   It is something of a midlife crisis statement,

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Celebrities love arty photos on the toilet

There are three types people that can get away with having their photo taken while on the toilet. Rock stars, models and actors in need of an indie phone shot for their portfolio. Oh and only black and white, absolutely no colour for toilet photos.

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Arnie Loves A Selfie

More than cigars, more than lifting weights, Arnie loves taking a selfie. Millennials get a lot of stick for always being on the phone, but this sexagenarian just can’t stop taking pictures. He even has a mobile game to promote.   Really he is just like

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What’s in Anna Kendricks Tiny Bag?

So having monitored Anna Kendricks aversion to Justin Timberlake all summer (is it the smell of the chemical hair straightener or is there more too it?) The other thing I’ve noticed is that Anna Kendrick loves a small bag. At award shows, premieres, you name

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Weekly Roundup – 03 Nov 16

My apologies for last weeks final Justin Timberlake selling us Trolls. Surely this is the last one? Forcing your whole family to dress up as Trolls. He has been working on these costumes for weeks in his sewing room. Shame, Justin Timberlake, you have none

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Gerard Butler loves holding things

Gerard Butler may not have decided if he is Scottish, American or from a little island in the middle of the Atlantic that nobody else knows about but something he has decided on, is that he likes to hold stuff. Doesn’t matter what it is,