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Charlie Hunnam Loves Stripping

Have you noticed that whatever Charlie Hunnam does he always looks a bit like he is stripping?  Maybe this is a good thing as his acting isn’t all that, but if he gets the muscles out then he doesn’t have to talk and we don’t

John Boyega loves wearing nice suits and always looks like he is having fun

I think I would like to be friends with John Boyega. He always looks like he is having a great time, whatever the occasion and whoever he is with. He also picks nice suits to wear to premieres and always looks smart.  He might be sharing

Destiny’s Child Love Denim

We all know that the ultimate couples denim combo was Justin and Britney but take a look back at the brief window of time, when Destiny’s Child ruled the denim coordinates, specifically from 1999 to 2004. Yes I know group denim also means B*witched but the

Hailee Steinfeld loves a surprise party, even if it isn’t much of a surprise

Hailee Steinfeld had her 21st birthday so she had a big birthday party to celebrate, apparently it was a surprise party. But is it really a surprise when you have multiple paid sponsors and wearing a matching outfit your cardboard cutouts also attending the party?

Celebrities love the undercut of rebellion

Previously we have talked about the short hair rebellion, but I have only just noticed another hair rebellion, the undercut. You know, if she is sassy and independent and doesn’t care what you think about her, she is bound to have had an undercut in

Celebrities love an alternative to a man bun hairstyle

There may still be a whole host of manbuns at work in Hollywood but a few guys are out there  trying different hairstyles and trying to make it their own. Of course Jared Leto has done the man bun already and has moved on to

Bella Thorne Loves to Kiss (when someone is watching)

Bella Thorne, still not exactly sure what she does, occasionally acts but mainly dyes her hair, wears a bikini and has lots of social media followers, but one thing I can tell she loves is getting her photo taken. Paparazzi, friends, selfies, random strangers who

Celebrity Prison Tattoos Vol 2

I thought it was about time we revisited some of the terrible, not particularly well thought out art that celebrities have permanently attached to their bodies. Vol 1 here Paris Jackson has a lot of music based tattoos, animals and irrelevant pop culture tributes. She

The Inner Thoughts Of Kit Harington

Kit Harington always looks like he is seriously worried, full of secrets and has the worse indigestion of his life, or maybe he is just a negative nelly about life?

Celebrities Love Big Cat Tattoos

Have you noticed the increase in lion and tiger tattoos recently? I mean lions have always been reasonably popular but lately if you aren’t getting a giant face of a cat  somewhere on your body you just aren’t worthy. Demi Lovato is the latest addition