The Bad Hair Days Of Ewan McGregor

In addition to Ewan McGregor often having really terrible accents, he also frequently sports terrible haircuts too.

Like a bad Kurt Cobain impersonator

What we have here is what would happen if Herman Munster worked as a security guard 

Frosted tips were terrible in 1998, they are terrible now and they would still be terrible in the new future of clones living on a island and being harvested for organs. Why exactly a clone needs highlights and a tan is beyond me.

His Jesus could do with a hairband or he will be in need of tangle teezer very soon

His other Jesus, Obi Wan from Episode II is what I image the Barry Gibb to look like if he had found religion instead of disco.

And Episode I Obi, is the worse combination of microphone head and a rat tail

I have no idea why he has Angelica for the Rugrats bunches. No idea

Like a blonde musketeer watched too many episodes of Sons Of Anarchy

He reminds me of the angry female geography teacher from school

That is some fluffy hair going on under that hat

Okay so the wig and moustache combo is bad but he was a candlestick until recently so I guess we can make allowances for him. 

This is a sad hair cut 

Deirdre Barlow mk.II

What do you get if you mix Elvis with a 1940s land girl?

Playing two characters in one show and both having bad hair helps the acting.

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