The bad hair days of actors who really shouldn’t have long hair

Having recently seen this photo of Mark Wahlberg and thinking why hasn’t he gone to the barbers for a trim? Is he suddenly frightened of scissors? He has terrible overlong tramp hair and he really shouldn’t have long hair. Apparently he hates it but it is what director Michael Bay wants for Transformers 5. Even if it makes him look old, a little frightened and a little bit scruffy (and a bit more like Michael Bay don’t you think). 

The other classic ‘it is for a movie role’ long hair is Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code. I think his long hair is supposed to make him look younger and an approachable hip professor. It does not work. At all.  


Matt Damon should not ever think about having hair extensions or a man bun ever again. The Great Wall is to blame. Jake Gyllenhaal can do a man bun, so can Jon Snow, Matt Damon can not make it work. 


Yes this isn’t exactly long hair (and Colin Farrell can handle wavy Tarzan tresses when called for) and I may have mentioned it before but the blonde wig (I really hope it is a wig) he wore in Alexander has to be the worse haircut ever to grace an actors head. 

Looking like Kurt Cobain has been stored in the dark for 20 year and then reanimated. This Daniel Radcliffe look for Victor Frankenstein is something we never need to see again. 


Just when I think I am starting to like Chris Pine and his Melon shaped head, I find something like this and I’m put off all over again. Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves all make long Afghan Hound hair work for them.