Ellie Goulding Sells Water

Ellie Goulding is no stranger to slapping a few photos on Instagram and getting a few extra dollars for it.  In amongst her usual photos about the awareness of climate change, what designer clothing she is wearing and how much she likes boxing, there are

Celebrities Love Big Cat Tattoos

Have you noticed the increase in lion and tiger tattoos recently? I mean lions have always been reasonably popular but lately if you aren’t getting a giant face of a cat  somewhere on your body you just aren’t worthy. Demi Lovato is the latest addition

Weekly Roundup – 18 Jul 17

I know everyone has the right to not smile if they don’t feel like it, but Kit Harington looks like somebody just kicked his puppy. Think I’ve worked out why though, someone has pinched all his shoes and socks and he has been forced to

These Final Hours – review

The apocalypse is underway and Western Australia is going to be the last place to go. An undisclosed wave of fire is making its way across the globe with only a few hours left before Perth burns too. James has just said goodbye to his

Raw – review

Shy overachiever Justine has just started university, with dreams of following her parents and older sisters footsteps of becoming a vet. But as a strict vegetarian who is made to eat meat during uni hazing she starts to get insatiable cravings, and for more than

Top 10 Wetsuits in the Movies

Wetsuits in the movies can be pretty gratuitous, so for this list I have tried to avoid movies where characters could justifiably be wearing a wetsuit,  you know like surfing or fighting sharks.  This top 10 features people who are just in wetsuits for purposes

Baby Driver – review

Baby Driver is the wheel man for bank robbers in Atlanta. He is good at driving, loves music and wants out of his criminal ways, especially now he has found a girl who he is very fond of. Baby Driver has some of the best

Weekly Roundup – 11 Jul 17

It has been a slow couple of weeks, but here are a few stories gathered together for your viewing pleasure. You know you have made it when you get Batman to make sure nobody stands on your dress.  You may have seen this photo on

The Fate Of The Furious – review

The 8th movie in the Fast And Furious franchise, there are still plenty of ridiculous action scenes involving cars, what makes it different this time around, well Charlize Theron is the bad guy, she lives on a plane and she is blackmailing Vin Diesel to

Hagrid, Hobbits and the rules of standing next to people at premieres

Some people are short and some people are tall that is just the way it is. But some people can’t help but stand out, because of their height. Sometimes the distraction techniques in use are what grabs your attention in the first place and then