The Problem With Liam Payne

The problem with Liam Payne? Well the short answer, he just isn’t cool is he. But why isn’t he cool lets take a look. He dresses like Justin Bieber, but somehow Bieber makes it work. Liam looks like he thinks he should be wearing clothes

Weekly Roundup -11 Dec 17

Something Jared Leto can do that Jesus couldn’t number twenty two; handle this much knitwear at once.  Hooray Taylor Swift is back in the news, but who cares about her boyfriend, it means we get to see her security team again, and this time it

Top 10 Square Haircuts

No matter how many times I see an impossibly  square hair cut it surprises me.  Not just because I just don’t understand how hair manages to grow straight up like it is frightened but also why anyone would think that is a good look I’m

Justice League – review

Just like Marvels The Avengers, Justice League unites all the DC superheroes because there is a villain so big, so bad that the likes of Wonder Woman and Batman just can’t stop them on their own. So the DC universe is a long and winding

The Many Faces Of Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell has been around for 5 decades, starting out as one of the first Disney kids, and wouldn’t you know Kurt Russell has developed a few recognisable faces over the years, the most common being take a gun to work, the second being facial

Kristen Bells Husband Sells Toilet Paper

So Dax Shepard officially opened the Time Square Restrooms today, with an oversized pair of scissors and everything. Really this is as odd as it sounds, but it is on his instagram and it says #ad, so it isn’t an elaborate joke.  But lets face

Logan Lucky – review

Down on his luck and perhaps fulfilling the family curse, Jimmy Logan together with his brother and sister hatch a plan to rob the speedway when the NASCAR is in town. On paper and in trailer Logan Lucky sounds like an absolute winner. Like Oceans

Weekly Roundup – 03 Dec 17

This weeks roundup is all about the art of acting natural. So why exactly is Floyd Mayweather on the Great Wall of China dressed like Amelia Earhart and carrying a huge bag that Mary Poppins would be proud of? The same reason Mayweather does anything,

Cars 3 – review

Lightning McQueen is still racing but as an old favourite in the racing circuit he is starting to feel justifiably threatened by the newer, faster more technologically advanced cars starting to overtake him. So he must turn to some old friends and make a few

Gerald’s Game – review

Based on the Stephen King novel, a wife is left alone and handcuffed to a bed, with no means of escape or rescue as her husband has just had a heart attack and died right in front of her. This is the third Stephen King