Rocketman – review

Rocketman is the Elton John biopic, telling the story of Johns life and music from a young age until the early 1980s. I confess this was one of the few movies released last year that I hadn’t gotten round to actually watching yet, but you

Shia LaBeouf loves that one pair of boots and jeans combo

Shia LaBeouf has a few different outfits and in fact, some people think he is something of a style icon, but by far and away his favourite thing to wear is this skinny jean and lace up boot combo. He is fond of exercise leggings

Toy Story 4 – review

It has been nearly a decade between the release of Toy Story 3 and 4. The toys no longer live with Andy but are now owned by Bonnie, however Woody isn’t the favourite toy and he is struggling to adapt. Meanwhile Bo Peep has been

Bulletproof vests in the movies

Previously we have talked about The Rock and his love of all things vest related, bulletproof and waistcoats in general, see here. But have you noticed a new contender for actor most likely to be seen in a bulletproof vest? Chris Hemsworth is making more

Ip Man 4 – review

Donnie Yen returns for a fourth and definite final time as Grand Master Ip Man, the practitioner of Wing Chun Kung Fu. It is now the 1960s and Ip Man is in San Francisco. After Ip Man 2 Donnie Yen said he didn’t want to

The Problem with Bond

The new Bond film might be delayed, with numerous setbacks; changes in director, composer and writers. Even the actor playing Bond has been outspoken about hating being Bond and only being offered a Scrooge McDuck style pit of money has he zipped his mouth and

Ben Affleck still loves taking his new girlfriend for a walk during lockdown

It may have been a month since we checked in on Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, but their walks haven’t slowed down and we can therefore assume that neither has their (public facing) new love. Only now, they have facemasks. Sometimes the facemasks are

The Use of Mirrors in the Movies

Have you noticed that mirrors are often used for symbolism in the movies? There are a few directors that really love a mirror shot, take notice next time you see a Scorsese or Spielberg film, they both use them frequently. Okay sometime a mirror shot

Bloodshot – review

Based on a comicbook I have never heard of, Vin Diesel is a marine killed in action, brought back to life with superpowers by Guy Pierce’s nefarious tech company, hell bent on revenge. Okay so this a Vin Diesel movie so you know what to

Extraction – review

Chris Hemsworth is a mercenary (with emotional baggage), his latest high paying, high stakes job is to rescue a kidnapped drug lords son in India. Apparently Extraction has been the biggest premiere on Netflix, having been watched by about 90 million households in a month.