Weekly Roundup – 13 Feb 18

It is good to see that even though the boyfriend has changed, Diane Krugers love of that hat still remains strong and true.  Sebastian Stan may have been front row for Boss and Tom Ford catwalk shows, but he looks like he threatened someone with

The Cloverfield Paradox – review

In 2028  the answer to a worldwide an energy crisis on earth is a huge particle  accelerator on a space station. But when it is fired up, wouldn’t you guess it, it all goes a bit wrong, maybe even resulting in destroying space and time

Hidden Gem – Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Hidden Gem – A film from the recent past you might have overlooked or didn’t know about, but you should check it out. Known as the 2005 or Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice. The classic novel by Jane Austen is adapted in surprisingly

Tom Cruise is a mouth breather and I never noticed before

Tom Cruise always has to have his giant face on the posters of his movies (less so nowadays the the mid 90s-2000s) and we know he loves to run (more on this later) but have you ever noticed he also is a total mouth breather?

Charlie Hunnam Loves Stripping

Have you noticed that whatever Charlie Hunnam does he always looks a bit like he is stripping?  Maybe this is a good thing as his acting isn’t all that, but if he gets the muscles out then he doesn’t have to talk and we don’t

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – review

A grieving mother decides to shake the local police into action by renting three billboards, questioning the police chiefs competence regarding the investigation into the brutal murder of her daughter. Is Three Billboards worth awards recognition? Yes, to start with Frances McDormand put in an

Weekly Roundup – 30 Jan 18

Dylan O’Brien has a premiere outfit at Maze Runner: The Death Cure clearly saying I can’t really be bothered to be here. That or it has been  in a pile on his bedroom floor for at least three years.   Who knew Sarah Jessica Parker was

Justin Timberlake wants to be a lumbersexual

With the upcoming release of a new Justin Timberlake album and a Superbowl halftime show, JT is doing the rounds and making sure his stylist earns his dollar. Justin Timberlake has gone all lumbersexual. If you take a look at the definition of lumbersexual I

The Greatest Showman – review

A musical loosely based on the true story of PT Barnum (but ignoring the  extra exploitative and racist stuff he did) he gives up his office job with dreams of show business. He creates a circus made from unique people with unusual talents or just

Weekly Roundup – 22 Jan 18

Nicholas Cage has taken his obsession to the next level, the sunglasses indoors, the jewellery, the pose. Nick Cage has gone end stage Elvis.   Innocent little Big Sean, didn’t know there was a Disneyland in Paris. It’s only been there for 25 years. Who wants