Weekly Roundup – 26 Sep 17

See Margot Robbies face of regret? The face that says ‘ yep should have washed my hair and not relied on the dry shampoo.’ If  only Jesus knew about snapchat like Jared Leto he might still be alive today. Do you ever think what if

Celebrity Prison Tattoos Vol 2

I thought it was about time we revisited some of the terrible, not particularly well thought out art that celebrities have permanently attached to their bodies. Vol 1 here Paris Jackson has a lot of music based tattoos, animals and irrelevant pop culture tributes. She

Transformers: The Last Knight – review

Part 5 in the Transformers franchise. Did we ask for it? No. Did we want it?  Not really. Well we have it, so what is it’s identifier from other movies? It is the second one with Mark Wahlberg and it is completely mental. At first

Weekly Roundup – 16 Sep 17

I think we now know who has been watching all those episodes of Star Trek Voyager on Netflix, it is Big Sean. That or he is really, really looking forward to Star Trek Discovery.   Usher looks frighten and confused, Blake Shelton just looks huge.  You

Shot Caller – review

An average middle class businessman goes to prison after drink driving himself into a tragedy. But in prison it is adapt or die. Quickly initiated into the prison way of life, gangs and respect, protection from rival gangs and loyal to your own. But he

After The Dark – review

It is end of year at an international school in Jakarta and the philosophy teacher has a final project, for the students, they must pick only 10 of their class to survive a (theoretical) apocalypse in a bunker. So in my quest to find more

Bad Guys You Wish Had Won

Magneto sometimes you wish just once the leader of the mutant resistance would catch a break, maybe it is because his enemy is a psychic who always knows his plans. Just once you want his grand ideas to be put into practice and be sassy

It – review

A group of outcast kids in 1980s are forced to confront an evil force who takes the form of a clown, who is responsible for killing children in their hometown. Does the highly anticipated movie adaption of the classic Stephen King novel live up to

Guilty Pleasure – Over The Top

Sylvester Stallone plays Lincoln Hawk, he is a truck driver who is also pretty good on the arm wrestling circuit, yes arm wrestling. He takes his son on a cross country drive to try and reconnect with his son whose life he has been absent

Patti Cake$ – review

New Jersey native Patricia Dombroski is stuck in her bartending job, with dreams of becoming a rapper, with only her best friend and pharmacy assistant Jheri beliving she has the talent to succeed. Can she make it? Or is she destined to be a nearly