Alien Covenant – review

This 6th installment in the Alien series follows the crew of the spaceship Covenant, but these are no miners, marines or scientists, but colonisers (is that a real word?). They are all pretty dull and make some terrible decisions, it is only when  they meet

Jennifer Lawrence loves posing with animals for photoshoots

Jennifer Lawrence has been photographed for magazines since 2010 and a whole load of those photos she is hanging out with a pet or two. This is a really high numbers of animals to be working with, compared to other people. I think the animals

Weekly Roundup – 19 May 17

Oh look, another day another photo of Bella Hadid sitting, (she really shouldn’t skip leg day if she is that tired just from standing). But anyway the posing is perfect for riding a flamingo don’t you think? That is what you call squad goals, synchroniz]sed

Fifty Shades Darker – review

The sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey, picking up where the first one left off. Ana has ditched Christian Grey for some reason, but like all good stalkers who are handsome with plenty of money he stands a good chance of winning her back, and

Kevin Costner loves Scarves

Kevin Costner may be the all time king of sports movies, but if there is one thing he loves more than baseball, it is a scarf. Whether in the movies or in real life if there is any occasion for a scarf to be worn,

A Boy And His Dog – review

Set in a post apocalyptic America, a boy spends his time looking for food and women. He is helped by his dog, who he has a telepathic link with, his dog is much smarter than he is and really good at sniffing out females and

Bella Hadid loves sitting

Bella Hadid loves sitting down, see here for a previous look at how often she sits and how uncomfortable she is while doing so.  All of the following images are taken from her own Instagram account but with a little bit of tweaking they can

Gold – review

Set during the 1980 Matthew McConaughey is a small time prospector with a dream. He may be broke but when he meets geologist with equally big dreams and lack of funds they find a gold mine and start digging, their dreams start to become real

Celebrities love holding stuff (especially animals)

The internet can be a wonderful place, here is a small collection of strange photos of celebrities holding things that I think you should see and appreciate. Here is an old picture of The Rock holding a rock, like some sort of never ending time

Assassin’s Creed – review

A guy on death row gets secretly taken by a very shady (possibly evil organisation) and attached to a really big metal arm machine thing that allows him sort of time travel – to relive his ancestors lives in order to help the shady organisation hide or