Weekly Roundup – 27 Mar 17

Has Cara Delevingne been hanging around Karl Lagerfeld for too long? Yes. Personally I think 30 minutes would be long enough with Lagerfeld I imagine he smells of cats, ashtrays and the Imperial War Museum.    Rebecca Ferguson has got a wedding to officiate later, so

Collide – review

Two Americans living typical  Millennial lives, but in Germany, when Felicity Jones gets sick (dodgy kidneys or something) her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult develops a harebrained plan to rob a truck full of drugs/money from a gangster to give to another gangster. But good plans always

Matt Damon sells beer or maybe water I can’t quite tell

The commercial is sending me mixed messages, and I’m not sure I trust what is being said by Matt Damon. Buy beer, get water? Drink Stella, be a good person? Buy A Lady A Drink would appear to be a bit sexist, why are only

Kong: Skull Island – review

A joint military/ scientific expedition to the uncharted Skull Island leads to a battle of survival and a race to leave the island, but it isn’t just a giant gorilla they have to worry about. Everything and I mean everything on the island is capable

The Many Faces of Viola Davis

Viola Davis may be a Julliard trained actress and only a Grammy away from getting the full EGOT, but even she has a few trusty favourite faces she likes to work with. Yes it is sometimes due to the sheer number of authority figure roles

Nocturnal Animals – review

Amy Adams is a successful art dealer, living a bored life with wealthy, handsome but frequently absent husband (Armie Hammer), so when her ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal) sends her a copy of his new novel, she not only has something new to occupy her time, she

Are Justin Bieber and Kristen Stewart becoming the same person?

For a while I thought that Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus looked alike, but now I see that it is Bieber and Kristen Stewart are following the same haircuts. Yes he may have a thing for wearing excessive amounts of layers that are really long.

Moana – review

Moana is a princess and next in line to be chieftain of Montuni, her polynesian island home. But she senses trouble for the islands future, but if no one else wants to do anything about it then she will  just have to go on an

The bad hair days of actors who really shouldn’t have long hair

Having recently seen this photo of Mark Wahlberg and thinking why hasn’t he gone to the barbers for a trim? Is he suddenly frightened of scissors? He has terrible overlong tramp hair and he really shouldn’t have long hair. Apparently he hates it but it

Weekly Roundup – 14 Mar 17

So this scruffy fella who reminds me of a perfect mix of Harry Potter and Angelos Epithemiou, is another Hadid – Anwar, here dressed head to toe in Derelicte. Fashion inspired by Star Wars found here. It is a bit of a stretch to say the